Ten Tips for Maintaining a Long-Distance Relationship

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Long-distance relationships have become more common throughout the years. Even though the ways of communicating have become easier and less expensive, missing each other often is still an inevitable fact. Starting a long-distance relationship can be easy, but maintaining it is a whole different story. How can you keep the relationship sound when you are apart from each other for so long? The following ten tips will help you.

1. Trust

Even though trusting each other is essential in every kind of relationship, it is especially important when the partners are separated from each other for a long time. Try to avoid being too controlling. Instead, allow your partner to have some space. Jealousy can be toxicto a relationship. Your partner chose you, despite the far distance. That means something, so don’t panic every time he goes out or visits his friends. When you give each other sufficient space, then the relationship is more likely to succeed.

2. Internet

Luckily we live in the internet era, which means that expensive telephone bills are a thing of the past. Get some programs for your computer that enable you to communicate with each other for free. For instance, Skype is an application that you can download on your computer. This software allows you to video call each other as much as you want. And the best part is, it’s free!

3. Snail Mail

But don’t let the ease of the internet era stop you from writing old-fashioned snail mail. You can surprise your partner occasionally with a handwritten letter. He will be happily surprised when he spots the letter between his monthly bills. And who knows, maybe he will write you back and you will be equally surprised a few weeks later?

4. Share Costs

In a long-distance relationship, travelling to each other often demands a lot of time and money. Try to make fair agreements on this matter. A good idea is to divide all travelling expenses by half, so that the amount of money loss is equally spread.

5. Handmade Presents

It requires some artistic inspiration, but making a small present for your partner will always be appreciated. It’s fun to be occupied with, because during the process you will be with him in your thoughts. It doesn’t really matter what you make, as long as it’s from your heart. So, if you happen to have the talent of writing, make a poem that will make your partner fly above the clouds. Or would you rather show your love by creating a painting? Then express your passion on a canvas.

6. Phone

Even though Skype is a good option for avoiding high phone bills, it can still be fun to spontaneously call your partner when you are taking a walk. Some telephoneproviders have special offers that allow you to call to foreign numbers at a fair price.

7. Consider Benefits

Until now we’ve been only looking at the downsides of a far-distance relationship, but there are definitely also positive aspects. For example, you have more time to hang out with your friends. Also, you are less likely to argue much because you are in each other’s way. Another advantage is that each moment you see each other is special. It’s something to look forward toand it never gets old. It is really important to remain positive and not to focus at the negative aspects only. This will put more confidence in the relationship.

8. Buy Small Presents

Everybody likes getting presents, and they don’t have to be expensive. But it’s even more fun to give them. Attach a small present to your love letter, or let a bouquet be delivered to your partner’s home. It will show that you think of him, even though you are separated by distance.

9. Online Activity

Chatting online only can get a bit dull. Sooner or later you will be out of topics to talk about. That’s why it’s good to have a break sometimes. For instance, it’s fun to be able to do some activities together. There are plenty of free websites on which you can play games together. Also, it gives you both the opportunity to blow off some steam.

10. Goal

Last but not least, it’s essential to establish a goal together. The relationship will most likely not work out if you have to travel to each other until your retirement. Make sure to have a solid goal that you can both strive for. You will see that the long distance will become more bearable, since you know that it’s only temporarily.

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