How to Tell if Your Ex Wants to Get Back With You

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Is your ex showing increased interest in you? Are you getting phone calls and text messages? When you spend time together, is your ex even flirting? If you’re hoping to get back together with your ex, than these signals may have you smiling. However, be careful: before committing your heart once again, be patient and make sure your ex really does want to get back with you.

What’s the best thing to do in this situation? Start by playing a little hard to get. If your ex isn’t seriously interested in you, then playing hard to get will protect your own emotions and prevent you from saying or doing things you’ll regret later. But if they are interested in getting back together, then playing hard to get will just add fuel to the fire!

After a break up, it’s natural to go through a phase of missing each other and fantasizing about getting back together. If you had been together for a year or more, you’ll obviously miss your ex more than if you’d only been together for a few weeks. However, along with the nostalgia comes past regrets. Even while you’re fantasizing about getting back together, the very things that led to the breakup may be holding one or both of you back from getting together again.

For this reason, when your ex shows renewed interest in you, it may just be that he or she is missing you a lot. It doesn’t necessarily mean the two of you are ready to be together again. Also, if the relationship ended painfully, your ex may even be playing with you or trying to get the upper hand. Finally, your ex may be having trouble finding someone else, and may be interested in you only as a fall back. This may be hard to accept if you genuinely want to get back together, but it’s less painful to consider this possibility now than to jump into a new relationship with your ex—only to have them dump you again.

Take things slow and let your ex reveal their true intentions. You’ll protect your feelings and will have a better chance at healing the relationship. And don’t worry—if your ex really does want to get back together with you, he or she will find a way of telling you!

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